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Speaking & Events

ENERGIZE your audiences with a speaker who engages the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Perhaps it's the fact that she's weirdly passionate about helping aspiring leaders of the future.

Or, perhaps it's her love of coffee and the gift of gab.

Maybe it's her addiction to personal development and podcasting.

Or maybe she's just like the audiences she speaks with.

Whatever it is, Valerie is obsessed with motivating and inspiring others to live in to their total human potential.  She delivers her message in a very casual, conversational style, with a healthy dose of energy to go with it.

Valerie speaks passionately about Mindset in Leadership, Self-Leadership, Personal Brand, Facilitation & Connection, and Owning Your Authentic Voice.

To find out more, click the "book Valerie" button below!

Image by Remy_Loz


 I BET you're someone who does SO much for others. I bet you also have a deep inner calling to have it all.  To have the incredible relationship, to have the massively successful business, and to have it all, while having it be EASY & JOYFUL.

Not your typical coaching.  

Leadership + Relationships.  

Mindset + Business. 

Modern and real.  

No frills, no fluff,

no BS.


Expanding the way you LEAD like never before. 

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