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Hi!  I'm Valerie.

Since entering the workforce, I've encountered SO many leaders who under appreciate the millennial perspective.  Instead of supporting our growth, they unintentionally inspire disengagement, the feeling of under appreciation and completely MISS an opportunity to utilize our full potential.

I'm Valerie, and this inspiration-destroying circumstance, has enlightened my passion for leadership. 


I believe to my CORE, AND as the research suggests, leadership can transform the way the world operates its corporate businesses.

As an experienced millennial corporate professional, and business founder, I have a true love for:


- helping the world understand how to engage millennial talent

- coaching people to design a life they love

- speaking professionally to inspire 

- hosting my podcast, Lost in Life and Leadership


I am an eternal optimist, adventure-seeker, minimalist, and have an unending relationship with strong coffee. 

The more energy we can put behind our personal leadership mission, the more positive impact we will have!

You are what the world needs!  


We need more of your leadership, and we need to follow in your footsteps to continue that ripple effect in creating the most incredible leaders the world has yet to see.


I can't wait to continue this conversation over a cup of coffee (either real-time or virtual)!

Cheers to you and your massive success!

XOXO & Coffee,

Valerie Lynn

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